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Coconut Citrus Juice


Coconut Citrus Juice_01.jpeg

Remember that coconut water we mentioned in our last post? We saved some of it on a hunch that it would make a pretty delicious juice. And boy, were we right.

Romaine isn’t our go-to for green juices – usually it’s spinach, kale, or chard – but in this case, romaine’s mild flavor lets the other flavors shine through.

Just because romaine isn’t as highly touted as its other green cousins does not mean it’s any less relevant. In fact, romaine is brimming with all sorts of goodness including Vitamin C, B vitamins, Omega-3’s, amino acids, iron, and a substantial amount of protein.

Romaine isn’t the only green in this juice, either. We added dandelion greens, which are in season right now. And if they’re in season, that means we need to be eating them. Dandelion has loads of vitamin A and plenty of B vitamins. It’s also an immune system and metabolism booster, a blood purifier, and a liver detoxifier. Spring cleaning, anyone?


6 oz. fresh coconut water
1/3 c. frozen or fresh pineapple
1/2 c. fresh strawberries
1/2 large navel orange
2 c. romaine lettuce
5-8 dandelion leaves (stems included)

Recipe: Add all ingredients to a blender and flip the switch. Blend until smooth. Then, enjoy the tall glass of summery, beachy, fresh nutrition.

Coconut Citrus Juice_02.jpeg

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