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Finally… FITNESS!


Finally... FITNESS!
This is happening. It’s finally happening. What’s happening is something that’s been in the works for a LONG time. Like, ever since we started The Fitchen. I guess you could say we’ve maybe been procrastinating a teeny tiny bit?

When we decided to start a blog, way back in 2012, we wanted to achieve a fusion of cooking and fitness. That’s how we came up with the name, The Fitchen – which was a combination of Fitness + Kitchen. We weren’t 100% clear on what that would mean or how it would evolve because at the time, we were complete blogging newbs. As we rolled into 2017, we started discussing our goals for the blog and what changes we wanted to make within this year. And what we decided was that it was finally time to start including fitness.

What does that mean?

  1. We’ve started filming short workout videos and tutorials for the fitness section of the blog. Some workouts will be cardio and HIIT (high intensity interval training) focused, some will be strength training with weights, and some will be resistance and bodyweight geared. If you have any requests, I’d love to hear them!
  2. Future recipes will include a snippet that explains how the food benefits your body in terms of health, exercise, and nutrition. It has always been our belief that fitness starts in the kitchen. Food is what fuels the body, motivates the mind, and nourishes the soul.
  3. Future recipes will also incorporate some ingredients that haven’t been common around here in the past. While our diet is primarily vegetarian, we do eat eggs, and we occasionally eat chicken and seafood. We’ve tried many different diets both together and separately and this is what works best for us. Key word: us. Everyone is different and we totally understand that some of you are strictly vegan – and we fully respect that decision. We ask that you respect ours in return.

I’m a big fan of home workouts, so that’s what we’re creating for The Fitchen. When I first started working out, I would do DVDs like Jillian Michaels – which I still love! – but with YouTube being an endless library of workouts, that became my go-to. I’ve never been a “gym person” for a few reasons – I don’t like to wait on machines or weights, I don’t want to pay for a membership when I can workout at home, I don’t like to drive all the way across town and back, I don’t like to get covered in other peoples’ cooties, and I feel like my home workouts are just as effective. So all of the videos that we share will be workouts that you can easily do at home with simple equipment!

We are beyond thrilled to roll out this new chapter of the blog and to be sharing it with you. To those of you who have been reading since day one – thank you so much! To those of you who are new around here – welcome, and thank you, too! We really hope that you love these changes and we would LOVE it if you share your thoughts, recommendations, and requests in the comments.

And now, without further ado, check out the brand new FITNESS page! And scroll down to see our first workout video. 👇👇👇








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