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How to Cut a Mango


I have been waiting days to eat a stubborn mango that will not get ripe! Even though I’ve been using the brown paper bag and apple method, (I’ll share that as well) but this mango seems to be taking forever to mature! It seems as if produce suppliers are picking the fruit too soon before it gets a chance to ripen properly! 

While I was waiting for my mango to ripen, I decided that The Fitchen should share the easiest way to cut one up, because there is definitely a trick to it!
The secret to cutting a mango is to work around the large, flat seed that is in the center of the fruit which is almost the length of the mango. The flesh of the fruit on either side of the side are called the “cheeks” of the mango. The easiest method is to first chop the cheeks off the seed and then slice the remaining fruit away from the seed.

Choosing a Mango

Select a heavy mango that has some give to it when you squeeze around the stem area. Mangoes come in many varieties, which produce different colors of skin, therefore skin color is not a good indicator of ripeness. Choose mangoes without bruises or blemishes on the skin. If the mango you choose feels too hard, allow it to ripen for a few days before eating it. You can speed up the ripening process but sitting the mango where it will receive lots of sunlight. 

What You Need


1 or more ripe mangoes

Step 1:

Cut off the mango “cheeks” – Hold the mango upright on the counter with your fingertips. Position your chef knife to one side of the center stem and slice straight down, hugging the flat of the seed as closely as possible. If you hit the edge of the seed as soon as you start to cut, remove your knife and rotate the mango 90-degrees.

Turn the mango and slice off the other “cheek.” You will have two big pieces of mango and the flat seed.

Step 2:

Dice the mango – Hold one of the mango pieces in the palm of your hand or upright on the cutting board. Using your paring knife, make long cuts down the length of the mango without slicing through the skin. Repeat with perpendicular cuts to form cubes.

Step 3:

Turn the mango inside out – Gently press the back of the mango to invert the fruit. Use your paring knife to gently pry or slice the cubes away from the skin and into the bowl. Repeat steps two and three with the other half of the mango.

Step 4:

Trim fruit from the seed – With the seed flat on the cutting board, cut around the seed to remove any remaining mango flesh. Cube the fruit without cutting through the skin and then pry or slice the cubes away from the skin.


Sliced mango will keep refrigerated for several days or can be frozen for up to three months.


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