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Microgardening in Brooklyn


photo 1

Greenery is not the most common thing in our neck of the woods, so we decided to grow some of our own.

As luck would have it, Clark turned out to be a natural at gardening. And as a bonus, our apartment has  great window sills that receive indirect sunlight for most of the day.


In our kitchen window, we have 4 avocado pits in the sprouting stage. Their trees won’t ever bear fruit, so they are more of an experiment. But surely a little extra oxygen in our apartment won’t hurt anything.


We did a small batch of wheat grass as a trial run. It was unbelievably easy to grow, so we’ll definitely be doing a larger amount next time.



The wheat grass was fully grown in about a week. We snipped off a couple of handfuls to add to our smoothies; it gave them a fresh and crisp taste. We’re looking for a bigger planter so we can grow more soon!


In one window, we have a planter box with cilantro, basil, and rosemary and another with multicolored peppers. Everything started to sprout within about 10 days. The rosemary was the latecomer, but we finally have a couple of sprouts peeking through.


It’s been 3 weeks since we started our micro garden and our crops are well on their way to adulthood. They seem to grow about an inch every day!

Garden_01.jpegThe peppers had us wondering for a week or so – they seemed to take an especially long time to pop up. But sure enough, they are alive and well. Every pepper that we harvest is one we won’t have to buy at the store. And we’ll know exactly where it came from.


Growing your own food is a fascinating and rewarding process – and we haven’t even harvested anything yet! It really makes you think about the work that goes into growing truly good food. It takes time and patience and trial and error. It teaches a sense of respect for the process, farmer, and product. We’ve only scratched the surface of indoor gardening, so it’s hard telling what we’ll get into next. Soon enough though, we’ll be enjoying the first harvest from our micro garden!

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