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Saturday Morning Yoga


After staying up until 2:30 watching episodes of Lost, I inexplicably woke up wide awake at 8:30 this morning. I looked over to see Clark snoozing peacefully like I wished I was still doing. Since I saw no reason to lie awake staring at the ceiling, I rolled out of bed and started a pot of coffee. I sat at the Fitchen table for about 30 minutes, trolling the interweb and returning emails. Then, the morning light started streaming in through the blinds in the Fitchen and our living room. The floor was wide open and covered in sunlight, practically begging me to roll out my yoga mat.

And so I did. I’m no yoga guru, but I love the peacefulness and energy that I feel after doing yoga. I usually find videos on YouTube and do my best to stick with the instructor. Lately, I’ve been loving Tara Stiles’ yoga videos. She has a lot of quick, 5-10 minute videos for yogis at any skill level. [She also has cool recipe videos and other health advice.] I usually scope out a few videos that sound interesting or beneficial and spend 30-40 minutes getting my yoga on.

I felt so fantastic after doing yoga this morning that I think I could have solved all of the world’ ills. Exercise, in this case yoga, is the perfect way to relax, get in touch with your body, and detach yourself from the world for a little while. It was just what I needed this morning. Although I would have loved to sleep in a little later, my body and mind had different plans for me today and I’m so glad I played along.

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