Nice to meet you!

Welcome to The Fitchen! Behind the recipes, the food, and the fitness – we are a married couple living in Indiana. Jordan writes the posts and takes the pictures (hi!), and Clark handles the tech and design aspects of the blog. The recipe development, grocery shopping, prep, cooking, and cleanup are all a joint effort. We have a silly, loveable dog named Scout and we split our time between cooking and camping in the great outdoors.

The Fitchen is our beloved, foodie corner of the Internet. This is the space that we carved out to share the nutritious, simple recipes that help us (and you!) stay fit in the kitchen. Here, you’ll find mostly healthy recipes that work with real-life busy schedules, budgets, and all levels of cooking ability. Everything from meal prep and green smoothies to gluten-free coffee cake and spicy curries. Occasional indulgences, like cookies and cocktails may pop up from time to time because let’s be honest – balance is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. 😉

We created The Fitchen when we were seniors at Purdue University. After Jordan let the Freshman 15 20 set in, and Clark had taken an interest in fitness, we committed to cooking and exercising together. Trying new foods, sharing meals, and creating new recipes became our passion. Our goal was – and still is! – to share food that keeps us and you fit and healthy. We believe that food has the power to fuel and heal the body and that it should be celebrated.

We practice intuitive eating. What that means to us is that we don’t put a label on our diet, nor do we strictly adhere to a certain set of rules. We strive to eat healthy, whole foods that fuel the body and we listen to what our bodies need seasonally and situationally. 

Our mission is to share our favorite recipes, fitness advice, and travel tips with you, Internet friends! We want to inspire and encourage others to try their hand at cooking, despite busy lifestyles or a lack of experience.


What does “The Fitchen” mean? Fit + kitchen = Fitchen. The name is the product of a night of brainstorming. We wanted something clever and catchy that would make the main idea of the blog clear.

Do you eat all of the food that you make? Sometimes – especially if it’s a small batch of something. Other times, we save it for lunch the next day or we share with friends.

Are you vegan? No. We do eat eggs and some meat; we just eat very little of it. At present, our diet is probably 80% plant-based and 20% eggs and meat.

Are you 100% gluten-free?  Not 100%. Aside from the occasional beer or a meal at a restaurant, we keep gluten out of our every day diet. Neither one of us handles it very well.

What kind of camera do you use? I used a Fujifilm Finepix HS20EXR until September 2013. After lots of research, I upgraded to a Canon T3i with an 18-50mm lens. Then I made the jump to the Canon 70D. It is now my pride and joy.

Who takes the pictures? Jordan does! I’m no professional, but I’ve learned a lot since we started the blog. I love taking pictures of food!