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Lemon Berry Cheesecake [Raw, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Vegan Option]


Lemon Berry Cheesecake [Raw, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Vegan Option]

It’s confession time. This may seem like complete blasphemy, but we’ve never had a piece of real New York cheesecake. It’s one of those things we just haven’t gotten around to. Because of that, we’re probably not qualified to make comparisons between New York cheesecake and our cheesecake. But we’re going to anyway.

This cheesecake is creamy, rich, and decadent, yet light and summery thanks to the fresh, tart lemon. It tastes just as delicious as regular cheesecake and it’s better because it’s not loaded with all of the bad stuff. That’s not to say this dessert is light on the calories by any means. The difference is that most of the calories come from nuts and dates instead of butter, flour, sugar, cream cheese, etc. That’s a pretty fair trade.

Prep Time: 30 minutes
Recipe Time: 3 1/2 hours
You’ll Need:
a 7″ springform pan or another type of round 7″ pan

INGREDIENTS for cheesecake filling[MAKES 12 – 2″ slices]

3 c. raw cashews
3/4 c. freshly squeeze lemon juice
3/4 c. raw honey [or raw agave for vegan] 3/4 c. coconut oil
1 Tbsp. vanilla
~1/2 c. sliced strawberries [optional for layer]


1 1/2 c. raw macadamia nuts
1/2 c. pitted dates
1 Tbsp. dried coconut
pinch of sea salt

INGREDIENTS FOR Blueberry topping

1 c. fresh blueberries
1/4 c. pitted dates

Start off by making the crust. In a food processor, combine macadamia nuts, dates, and salt until a thick, crumbly dough forms.

Raw Lemon Berry Cheesecake Mixer

Sprinkle a thin layer of dried coconut into the bottom of your pan.┬áThen add the crust mixture and use your hands to press it out. Note: We didn’t have a springform, so we used a 7″ saucepan instead. Hey – ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

Raw Lemon Berry Cheesecake Bowl

Raw Lemon Berry Cheesecake Mix Bowl

Add all filling ingredients into Blendtec or high-speed blender. Blend until smooth and creamy. Pour half of the filling and add a thin layer of strawberries [optional].

Raw Lemon Berry Cheesecake

Then empty the remaining liquid into the pan.

Raw Lemon Berry Cheesecake

Place the cheesecake into the freezer for at least 3 hours.

Meanwhile, add blueberries and dates for berry topping into a blender and blend until smooth.

When the cheesecake is solid, remove it and cut it to your liking. We ended up with 12 – 2″ wide pieces.

Serve it up all fancy-like with drizzled topping and fresh blueberries. It’s rich and satisfying, so you’ll definitely be able to save some for later. Store in the refrigerator so there’s no thaw time when you’re ready for your next piece.

Raw Lemon Berry Cheesecake

Blueberries were all we had left…


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  • Pam
    August 2, 2013

    Do the nuts need to be soaked and/or sprouted before using or just raw & dry?

    • thefitchen
      August 5, 2013

      Raw and dry is fine as well. Soaking the almonds simply makes the nutrients in the nuts easier for our bodies to absorb and digest. This is optional. If you do soak them, make sure that you allow them to dry before starting the recipe :) good question!

  • Erika
    June 14, 2013

    Um wait when did you get a blog makeover?!? It looks FANTASTIC!! And this cheesecake looks super amazing. That thick blueberry drizzle on top? Mmm! I love raw desserts. Pinning to make :)

    • thefitchen
      June 14, 2013

      We made it over about a month ago! Switched to, too. Thank you so much! :) It’s delicious…let us know what you think!!

  • corui anca
    June 9, 2013

    just wanted to know: calories/slice ? :)

    • thefitchen
      June 10, 2013

      About 350 calories per slice. :) Hope you love it!