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  1. I’d definitely like to try these. I have one question though. When the recipe calls for food-processed and drained cauliflower, is that steamed cauliflower that’s then run through the food processor? Were you starting from fresh or frozen cauliflower? Thanks so much!

    • We used fresh cauliflower, and not steamed. Just washed, chopped, food processed, and drained with cheesecloth to remove the moisture that cauliflower naturally has.

    • Flax eggs are made by mixing ground flax and water together in a bowl. They mimic the consistency of eggs when combined. :)

  2. Hi! I wanted to try these since you published the recipe. Today was my lucky day. Tasty, however, they weren’t as crispy. They may have been to thick? Do you make them really thin and they crisp up better? I also made the chocolate avocado pudding! Yummy!!!

  3. i LOVE pizza and i recently became Gluten-Free because of my low thyroid and other health issues, so thank you for making such a yummy recipe that my picky boyfriend will eat! anything hes not used to he hates, so this recipe got 2 thumbs up from him!

    Could i switch Flax seeds for chia seeds?

    • I think that would work – chia seeds become gelatinous like flax when water is added. That’s a great question, and now I’m dying to know! Glad that you liked it the first time around. :)

    • Hi Kristy –

      Sorry this recipe didn’t work out for you. Cauliflower crust never gets quite as crispy as traditional crusts, but if it was crumbly, I would recommend trying to squeeze out more water – as much as possible – before combining ingredients.

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